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Airy-Disk Photoelectric Instruments

We produce high-end astronomical telescopes, lenses and aspherical mirrors with diameters ranging from 45mm to 400mm. 

Our production process is highly integrated:

From lens and optical system design, nearly all steps of the telescope making process are now in-house:
Blank Preparation, Lens Grinding, Polishing and Centering
Quality Control
Lens mounting
Final assembly and inspection, collimation and interferometric testing
The glass used comes from CDGM and Hoya
Lens mounts are made by the inhouse CNC department as are most of the telescope components
State of the art testing equipment, a huge collection of spherical masters, fizeau interferometer in red(632.8nm), twyman green in green spectrum(532nm), artifical star and ronchi

This control over the whole manufacturing process combined with our skills and experience results in outstanding optics.

Decades of specialized ED production using Ohara FPL53. Founded in 2007, our founder Mr Zhu learned his craft under the then head of Syntha. For a decade Airy Disk has provided optical system design and OEM production for many well-known brands in China.

Airy-Disk Photoelectric Instrument Co.,Ltd. - Experts in Optical Design and Manufacturing

Wide selection of APO Telescopes
Spherics and Aspherics
Newton Telescopes and aspherical mirrors
Focusers and other accessories



US distribution

Craycort llc

423 W Pinehurst Trail
Dakota Dunes SD 57049

US warehouses in Utah and Tennessee for fast shipping.

Telescope with test certificates ship directly from our Factory.

Please contact us for worldwide shipping inquires. https://www.airy-disk.com/contact/


You can reach us directly Mo-Fr between 7AM-2PM, +1 712 7304043

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